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Monday, January 16, 2012

Fantasy Genesis: Challenge #1

As I've already stated in a previous blog post, Fantasy Genesis by Chuck Lukacs is a great book for sparking the imagination to create images of all kinds.  The book uses a game-style system for generating a series of word concepts which in turn are used as references for an illustration idea.  Eric and I were planning to do a challenge series on this blog, choosing a subject and each of us creating our own versions of it.  And what better to use as our source than a concept generated by one of my favorite books?

So I grabbed my dice and a copy of a game sheet, and went to work.  I decided to use the simplest category of Basic for my first 'game'.  Basic has two sets of the categories Animal, Vegetable, Elemental and Tech.  One category from each set is chosen for a Major form and a Minor form, and these define the final concept.  Here's what I got:

By the way, I didn't really have to select just from the Animal category for the forms.  Anything goes if you can find a way to make it work.  I also think the Machine/Saw/Cycle combination could be interesting.  But the Caterpillar/Eel is what I personally chose for my combination this time.  Stay tuned for upcoming work in progress sketches.

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