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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fantasy Genesis Challenge #1 - Answered.

As mentioned in the previous post, the first challenge I picked from the Fantasy Genesis Basic Game system was a Caterpillar/Eel combination.  I did some research and collected images of both creatures for a final image.  I found it interesting and enlightening to see all the varieties of caterpillar out there (note to self: looking at photos of caterpillars too long makes my skin itchy).  Some didn't even look like a caterpillar at all - some actually reminded me of lizards and snakes, much much different from the fat pipe cleaners I'm used to seeing.  The eels, on the other hand, were mostly consistent, a lot like long, scaled ribbons with fins.  But a blend of the two escaped me for a while.  After looking at the pictures and doing some thinking, I came up with I thought was a decent combination.  Unfortunately, I drew it low on the page so I couldn't finish the body.

The tail would taper off to a large fin.  I may try to piece something together to get a full body.

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